How to clean and care Wood Paneling PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ian McBrite   

At one point all wood panelling becomes brittle.

Finishing wood panelling takes time and effort.

First of all, all the panelling or the fascia has to be dismantled. After that you have to remove all the old layers of varnish with strip paint. Don’t forget to dispose of the ensuing mixture of varnish and wood stain as hazardous waste.

In the next step you have to clean the wood with water and dry it afterwards.

Remove any remaining varnish with sandpaper. Be careful not to sand down the thin veneer layer!

Now we come to the revarnishing: Apply a few layers of clear sanding sealer with a spray gun. After letting the wood dry thoroughly, burnish it to a matt-finish.

Now you need to apply a couple of layers of high gloss varnish (called piano finish or double clear-coat finish).

After spraying on a layer of varnish you have to burnish the wood in order to retain the typical wood surface.

Depending on the varnish you use, you might have to afterwards polish the wood.

This type of work is not easy for amateurs but there are some businesses which are specialized in finishing wood panelling. It is often worthwhile to compare the labour costs with purchasing the parts new.

To treat the wood, respectively the layers of varnish, a gentle varnish polish is adequate for giving the surface back its gloss.


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